blocked drain

Blocked Waste Pipes:
Waste pipes are the pipes that run from your sinks and appliances through the walls and floors of your home. Blocked pipes can cause overflowing and flooding throughout your home. Drains are pipes which carry waste and surface water from one or more houses. When one drain meets another, it becomes a sewer. If your drain is blocked click here.

- Initially remove any obstacle from in the plug hole i.e. food, hair and other blockages. This can be achieved by using a suitable chemical cleaner or caustic soda. (Ensure chemical is suitable for the type of sink and plug hole you have e.g. enamel sink or chrome plug hole).Blocked Waste Pipe

 - If this does not clear the sink then a sink plunger will be required. Before 'plunging' cover the overflow with a damp cloth and hold it there, this will force the air to hopefully clear the blockage. Place the plunger cup over the plug hole, and plunge vigorously up and down for a minute or two.

 - Should the plunging not clear the blockage then the next step is to remove the trap under the sink. A bucket should be placed under the trap to catch the water, which will come from the sink.Check the trap for any blockage, if it is clear then a pipe cleaner should be used to dislodge the blockage if possible.

 - If the pipe cleaner does not dislodge the blockage then it is probably in the drain if this is the case click here. If you are clearing a toilet click here.

If you can not easily clear any blockages in your pipes or drains a jetrod may need to be used for more information click here to book a reliable plumber click here.